Friday, March 3, 2006

Trial Run

I had another OB appointment Tuesday (37.1wks) and found out that I was 2 cm and 50% effaced (baby still up high). BP had gone up to 122/72 (still good), baby's heartbeat was 147bpm, and I hadn't gained any weight. I forgot to ask that day, but apparently my group B strep test was negative (I'll be treated w/antibiotics at birth, regardless, due to being positive in my 3rd pregnancy).

Throughout the week I've been very frustrated w/my body. Feeling as though I'll stay pregnant forever (that it has forgotten what to do in preparation of birth) because I've had very few braxton hicks contractions or any of the other signs that I'm getting ready to give birth. My OB refuses to induce before 38.4 wks, but she'll let me have him if I do go into labor on my own (which I've only ever done with my very first son's birth - all others were augmented to some degree). I'm a tad bit upset that my OB won't even consider the report my perinatologist wrote after my ultrasound appointment last week...stating the baby was a good size, taking breaths, and he was able to detect visually lots of vernix floating in the amniotic fluid - the white cheesy substance on baby's skin to protect his skin and also aids in lung development as they swallow it later in pregnancy, coating the lungs to maturity. I just hope that if I'm "favorable" by my next appointment (next Tuesday - 38.1wks) that she'll consider inducing me earlier. I know my IPs are very eager to meet their little man.

Last night however I did make a "trial run" to L&D after finally feeling some very consistent contractions causing me lots of lower back pain. They were coming, what seemed like, every 5 minutes here at home. But, once I was hooked up to the monitors it seemed they were only near 7-12 minutes. They kept me at the hospital for 2 hours and let me go home after noticing I hadn't made much of a change in my cervix. It was 1am by the time I was permitted to leave (oh, so tired and achy but relieved that I had made a tiny bit of progress). So, I left there at 3cm dilated and near 50-60% effaced.

Taryn and her Aunt Suzanne were due to fly in tonight (9:30pm), but they decided to take an earlier flight and arrived instead at 6:30pm. I'm glad they are here now and will be even more relieved when the men arrive (they moved their flights to tomorrow - Sat - night). Then baby Kyen will hopefully receive another eviction notice and grace us with his presence. ;)

We have plans to eat out tomorrow night and we'll have a few days now to visit some sites around OKC together...we'll walk this baby out if we have to, LOL. I went to meet Tar and her Aunt tonight at the airport and get them settled in the hotel (across from the hospital). So, we are all set now, I think. Just waiting...

I'll keep y'all updated!

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