Thursday, February 23, 2006

36 wk OB appt & Last Ultrasound

I had another OB appointment yesterday - it went just as I expected. Gained 2 lbs (25 lbs total so far - not bad at all *wink*), the baby's heart rate was 152 bpm, and my blood pressure was 110/76. My OB did the GBS test (she'll call w/the results if I'm + or I'll find out at my next appointment) and I was given my first internal check. Again, as expected, I was only 1-2 cm dilated, but "soft"...w/Christopher at this time, I was firm and maybe I've made a bit more progress then during his pregnancy. ;) I go back for another OB appointment Tuesday.

And today, I had my final ultrasound with the perinatologist - Dr. Stanley. The baby looks fabulous! He's so chubby already. Weighing in at approximately 7 lbs 12 ozs (another big boy). Dr. Stanley feels pretty confident, as do I, that this baby will be quite close to the same size that all four of the other boys were (Cole - 8lb 3oz, Cam & Chris - 8lb 6oz, Chandler - 9lb 2oz) least my body is consistent in growing 'em...LOL. I'm 36.3wks today, but Baby Kyen is measuring 39.3wks placing him in the 87.2 percentile for growth. When I talked to Taryn today after the sono, she kept saying she'd have to build up her arm strength and hopes he doesn't come out walking/talking (Ha!).

We finally got some good pictures of Kyen's face this time too...his head has grown large enough now (even though he is still wedged in my pelvis - being a good boy) that his position allowed for some great shots. Oh, and he's got hair (apparently, from what the tech saw - I couldn't make it out) and he's taking lots of breaths (that was awesome to see). He's always hiccuping, so I figured he was doing this already.

Here's one of the 4D pics taken today of baby Kyen:

I've got some great video of the ultrasound too:

Now, I just wait until my body (and baby) decide it's time to deliver. I suspect he'll come earlier then my 38.4 wk induction date (March 10th). He's so active and I swear some days I think he just might break my water from inside (never had that happen before, so we'll see). I'm feeling SOOOO good...full of energy, very few aches or pains of any sort (except for feeling uncomfortable in my rib area at night)...hopefully I'll continue to feel this way for another 2 weeks.

Oh, and here are a few belly picture I took today. And I've included a couple pictures, for comparison, with the belly cast we did at 36 wks during my youngest son, Christopher's, pregnancy (he's in the third photo pointing to where he grew when I was pregnant w/him):

I've been playing a stuffed teddy bear w/lullaby that my IPs bought for the baby since about 20 wks (in hopes of getting him familiar w/the tune for soothing) and since about 28 wks I've played a recording that my IPs also sent of them talking and reading to him (JD even sings a little to him - so sweet!). I really feel that Kyen already knows Mom and Dad 'cause he's active while I play it (I crank it up in the car while I'm alone & use a headset at home)...could be why he was moving around so much today at the ultrasound...I played it on my ride across town to the sonogram. ;)

Anyway, I can't wait to see Taryn and Aunt Suzanne again - they fly down next Friday evening. I've got babysitting arranged by a great service here in OKC called seeking sitters. And Saturday I'm planning to get our assigned sitter a base pass for her car in case she needs to get to us in a hurry when I go into labor. Plus, she can get to know the boys while Taryn, Suzanne, Noel, and I enjoy a few hours out together.

OK, this post is long enough...bye for now.

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