Tuesday, March 7, 2006

Last OB Appointment

Well, I had my last OB appointment today (38wk 1day). Taryn and JD met me there and were able to meet my OB. I'll let Tar's post below describe what happened for the most part at the appointment. But, I wanted to add that it was nice to have them there. They were able to hear Kyen's heartbeat again (haven't since just before our first 4D u/s) and Taryn even recorded it on her phone. She has some pictures I'll share that we took at the appointment today too. BP was back to 110/70 and I lost 3 lbs since last week - another sign of early latent labor. Baby D is up high yet (as is normal for multi pars) however, he's come down some since last week's check. I'm afraid Kyen won't make his appearance until Friday after all.

Before I forget, I wanted to send out a HUGE thank you to Taryn's Aunt Suzanne and Uncle Bob for the absolutely awesome, most appreciated, WAY to expensive gift for the boys and Noel (Xbox 360 w/all the bells and whistles). It arrived in the mail for them and the boys are LOVING it...me too 'cause they are getting their homework done as soon as they get home from school so they can play it when they are done. ;) Oh, and Suzanne made me the prettiest fluffy scarf...gave it to me Friday night.

I felt better getting out of the house today a bit more. My twin sister, Angie (also a surrogate), is having a ultrasound this Thursday and her couple (Kathleen & Joe) from NY flew in with their daughters (Madeline and Charlotte) tonight (Charlotte was carried by Ang in 2003). Since my Sis lives 2 hours away from the airport, I thought it would be nice to greet them there - I needed to be out on my feet more too. I loved finally meeting them - they are a lovely family! Here is a pic of us:

We're going to take the boys to T&J's hotel tomorrow to swim and eat pizza.


Taryn's Post

Looks like Kyen will make his appearance Friday. I tried to tell him he is being evicted, but he likes his Heather (who wouldn't).

We are 2+ centimeters dilated, 50% effaced and his head is at a -3 ( I am clueless on that one).

My family and I are enjoying our time here, relaxing and eating. Tomorrow we are going to spend some time with Heather and put a smile on her face! We are all just so happy to be here, we are eating our way through Oklahoma LOL. The food and weather here is GREAT!

So all is well here!!! Just need to get my Heather happy!!! I know this is tough on her I just hope I am doing and saying the right things.

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