Friday, March 10, 2006

Kyen Birth Update & Video Montage of Our Journey!

*Click this link to view our Surrogacy Montage Video*

Kyen has arrived! I'll write a more in depth birth story soon, but I'm leaving in the morning for a week long vacation down to the Texas coast w/my family (stopping by to visit my former IPs and surro babies on our way home - Friday).

Here are his stats:
Kyen Spencer was born at 12:53pm Friday March 10, 2006 weighing 7lb 13oz and 19.5inches. He was smaller then we all thought he'd be (smallest little boy I've carried anyway), but every ounce of him is amazingly precious! He looks so much like Taryn (her "mini-me"), but you can clearly see his proud papa, JD, in him too.

Labor was VERY difficult (dry labor/no fluid to easy my pain & cranked up to full dose of Pitocin), but quick and extremely easy once I finally received an epidural (near 8cm at that time). The delivery was heavenly - a room full of people w/cameras in hand (15+), lots of emotion (tears, laughter, you name it) - it was total bliss for baby Kyen's arrival.

I wanted to thank everyone for their thoughts and prayers for us during our journey. A HUGE thank you goes out to my loving husband, Noel (he's absolutely my rock through these surrogacies and especially during this particular labor/delivery)! Also a giant hug goes out to my Mom (she was the BEST labor coach ever!) & the rest of my family! Grandma, Dad, and Angie thank you for being there w/us & Jen for coming up to visit...Nicole, it's been so nice that you've been so supportive of us too!

I came home from the hospital yesterday (just a 24 hour stay this time - I feel incredible!), but Taryn and JD stayed w/Baby Ky an extra night by choice - feeling more at ease having the nurses around - especially once he was circumcised yesterday afternoon. Everyone is doing well - a little sleep deprived, but wonderfully so!

Oh, and there was NO problems with the birth certificate - our pre-birth order worked! Taryn and JD are legally, as well as biologically Kyen's parents! It couldn't have gone smoother! The staff at the hospital were very accommodating.

Tonight my family and I went over to my IP's hotel (after Kyen was released from the hospital) to say our goodbyes. :( We will miss them all VERY much - I already do so much! Tomorrow they leave very early to return to Delaware. Wish us all safe travels, if you would - thanks!

And I uploaded the still shots I took to a photo montage (sorry no time for captions). I set it to music - a song by Oklahoman, American Idol Winner, Carrie Underwood - some of the lyrics are found below and VERY fitting to our surrogacy journey, if you'd like to read them.

Whenever You Remember
When you look back on times we had
I hope you smile
And know that through the good and through the bad
I was on your side when nobody could hold us down
We claimed the brightest star
And we, we came so far
And no they won't forget

Whenever you remember times gone by
Remember how we held our heads so high
When all this world was there for us
And we believe that we could touch the sky
Whenever you remember, I'll be there
Remember how we reached that dream together
Whenever you remember

*Click this link to view our Surrogacy Montage Video*

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