Saturday, March 4, 2006

TMI update

If you are grossed out easily, don't read below...

Tonight Noel and I hired a babysitter to watch our sons and went out to dinner w/Taryn and her aunt Suzanne. I wasn't feeling many contractions, but what I have felt were intense. Two of which were in the car on the way home (from our fabulous dinner, I might add). When I ran into the bathroom to potty before taking the sitter to her car, I noticed I had lost my mucos plug! Woohoo!! I'm not used to seeing so much there all at once (it was the size of a jello jiggler, NS!) I've been checking and checking before tonight and disappointed to see nothing each check...usually it comes a little at a time...but, not tonight! So I'm thrilled that things are moving along a bit more.

The men should arrive very soon - Baby Kyen can make his appearance anytime now! Come on baby!!! I think it will be thrilling to go into labor naturally and not need the dreaded devil drip. Even more so if my water breaks on it's own.

Please pray for as natural a birth experience as possible (that would be a gift I've yet to receive - outside of the twin's scary unmedicated birth). Thanks!

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