Monday, March 6, 2006

Not feeling well - Emotional post

Well, today I met Taryn and JD at the hospital to talk to the hospital social worker about our upcoming plans to give birth and have the PBO honored. I'm a tad bit nervous that she took a copy of the order for the hospital legal department to review, but overall the meeting seemed to go in our favor and that makes me feel some relief.

Then she gave T&J a tour of L&D (I think they enjoyed it) and told us that they do not yet have wireless Internet access - blat (not sure who told Taryn on the phone a few weeks ago that they did). So, we aren't going to be able to do a web broadcast of the birth after all. :( That's fine 'cause I seriously doubt my OB will like seeing all the cameras we have planned to be in the room (not counting the computer cams)...she has already told me I can't have pics/video during delivery (but, we are going to try to sneak some in anyway, LOL).
Putting the finishing touches on blanket for Baby D.

Anyway, tonight I haven't felt very well at all...just a bit emotional and feeling yucky all of a sudden, a little crampy but still only having a few contractions - but they are a bit more intense it seems. Things are starting to wear on me overall, I think. I'm trying to enjoy the last few days of the pregnancy, but it's hard being patient. I did lose a little (tiny) bit more of my mucous plug this morning. I couldn't believe there was actually more there to lose after what I already passed Saturday - although I've heard you can build more back up. Oh, and for the last couple days my system seems to be cleaning itself out (my stomach has been very upset today especially). Maybe a sign of impending/early latent labor? Let's hope so!

Tomorrow I have my last OB appointment at 2:30pm. Hoping she'll strip my membranes when she checks me...but I doubt it 'cause she's never been rough or helpful in that way in the two previous's like she doesn't want to disturb anything so I'll have to make it to my Friday induction (more convenient for her schedule - grr).

I know, I know - the baby will come when he's's just so frustrating 'cause I'm such a planner and here I am again, the "watched pot". I feel like crying again. Going to bed, if I can.

Here are some pictures and video of my couple and their family visiting us at our house & eating dinner with us at a local BBQ

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