Wednesday, February 8, 2006

In Memory of Delaney

I wanted to jump on here and post a little something for Taryn and JD on this anniversary of their daughter, Delaney's delivery.

This poem was written by a talented surrogate.
I couldn't help sharing, as it explains much of how I feel about my current journey w/Taryn and JD.

I did change - just a tad of the original poem's ending to fit our now reads exactly as I would have written it myself (if I was more creative & a poet - but, unfortunately, I am not *shrug*).
I think y'all will enjoy and appreciate it:

~*~A Dream~*~

by: Lain

Our friendship started differently,
than most friendships I've had.
We had to search each other out,
because of something sad.

A precious child to fill your hearts,
is what you're longing for.
Infertility has made it hard,
to open up that door.

And so a search began for you,
to find a helping heart.
So similar to my own search,
not knowing where to start.

For me the search is special,
it requires such great care.
A couple to help have a child...
the fruit my search must bare.

Now we've found each other,
so much more real it seems.
Through faith and hope and honesty,
we're moving toward your dream.

But the dream we have, it is the same,
a dream that's filled with firsts.
First smiles, first laughs, first steps, first words....
all starting with a birth.

Often times I find myself,
wondering what it's like,
to have to trust a stranger,
with such a precious life.

And though I can't imagine,
all that you've been through,
I hope you know I'll do my best
to bring a child to you.

Surrogacy is something,
not everyone can do.
But I've been so blessed in my life,
I'm drawn to helping you.

Some people call us Angels,
us surro-moms to be.
But I don't feel Angelic,
I just feel like me.

Our journey is almost over,
and I know it's not the end.
I pray I can bring you a HEALTHY child,
as it's already brought me a life-long friend.

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