Tuesday, January 31, 2006

Baby Shower Update

Well, I had the most incredible time in Delaware over the weekend attending Taryn and JD's baby shower. I was thrilled to be invited. I never went to a baby shower for my previous IPs, Stacey and Anthony, so I wasn't sure what to expect. Truly, I thought my presence could interfere in the reason for the occasion, but was reassured that it was a day to celebrate the new parents-to-be and they wanted the baby there as well.

My flight was great. Since I was flying at 32 wks pregnant I didn't know how I'd fair. I was, surprisingly, very comfortable the entire trip (to and from DE), although extremely tired (sleepy) 'cause I had to wake at 3:30am in order to be ready and at the airport for my flight at 6:30am. At least I gained an hour on the trip and able to get to bed earlier.

Seeing Taryn and JD again was terrific! Tar and her sister, Jennifer, were there to meet me at the airport (I flew into Baltimore this time - hoping to avoid delays flying into Philly). It was nice to meet Jen, since she lives in Seattle and I didn't get to meet her at my last visit. We had a nice lunch together, then Taryn took me by their company's business to reintroduce me to some folks and show off her son (via my big belly, LOL). Then it was time to rest at T&J's house before dinner. Tar had a basket of goodies on my bed again (as she had done at transfer time)...so sweet - a beautiful bracelet, angel doll, body butters, and lots of chocolate, for the baby of course, LOL.

Later that night, before we went out to eat, Taryn's Mom came over and gave me the most amazing, and not to mention, beautiful matching opal and diamond necklace and earrings. I was so S-P-O-I-L-E-D! I didn't take them off the entire weekend - lovely!

At dinner, I was able to meet more family members I hadn't met during transfer time and Jen's 2yo son, Matthew (such a cutie). We had a nice visit and finally it was back to the house for some much needed rest.

Of course, I don't want to forget to mention, that throughout the day and evening, each time the baby would move or kick, I'd quickly ask them to feel...and I think, by the end of the weekend most everyone was able to get to a good nudge or two from Baby D. :) The best was sitting around at T&J's and letting 'em try to catch a quick jolt of a foot, or feel the roundness of his little hinny reared up at their touch. I love this part so much...just wish Tar was able to feel him as I do each day. :(

The following morning, Taryn and I went out to breakfast and then we waited around the house until it was time for the shower. We then drove over to Taryn's Aunt's friend's BEAUTIFUL home. Once we arrived, Taryn instantly got emotional and I too got pretty teary while being introduced to those in the room. It was very nice, but overwhelming once everyone begun to arrive - over 70 people in attendance! Taryn was given a button to wear that said "Mother-to-Be" and they gave me one that said, "Very Special Person". :)

Again, there were more family and friends I hadn't met at transfer time - JD's sister was one I've heard lots about and glad to finally meet. It was great 'cause everyone special to T&J seemed to be there (some had even flown in to attend, like myself). Correction - I say everyone, but Taryn's brother, SIL, and niece didn't make it and I know Tar was upset...she seemed fine because there were so many others who loved her (not that they don't, but you understand, right?). It seemed so many people already "knew" me through reading my site, journals, emails, and seeing pictures throughout the pregnancy...it was a bit of an odd feeling, but nice to know they cared so much about my IPs and took the time to find out who I was.

We ate a wonderful lunch (tons and tons of food - even a chocolate fountain), yum! And then it was time for Taryn and JD to open their gifts. Taryn made a tearful speech and thanked the shower hostess (whom had made the most amazing scrapbook of our journey - I made copies of it for myself!)...very nice...again she made me cry.

It was so loud in the room when things got started with so many people visiting and trying to get a glimpse of my IPs opening everything. (They made out like bandits!) But, I think everyone was satisfied with the shower, overall...it was really a great experience. I got a few more gifts as well - a chocolate gift basket from JD's sister, some beautiful glass ornaments from T&J's neighbor (her sister was once a traditional surrogate), a handmade crystal bracelet w/colors that represented my son's birth stones from one of Taryn's friends. :)

Later that night, several of us went out to dinner at a great Italian place (and ate way to much). Said good-bye and went home for some more rest...Taryn and JD a bit overwhelmed by the large stash of baby items now laying in their front room, LOL.

Sunday morning, I was invited over to Taryn's Aunt and Uncle's house (Bob and Suzanne) for a prenatal massage. Suzanne transferred her time w/the masseuse to me (such a nice gesture, huh?). It was awesome!! Especially because on Friday night I had a terrible leg cramp/charlie-horse and the massage really worked it out. I'd never had a massage while pregnant and thought this gift was just perfect!

We then went home. I showered and packed for my trip home. Taryn and JD drove me back to Baltimore and we had a terrific lunch at The Cheese Cake Factory after shopping for a few gifts for my husband and sons. And off I went to the airport...sad to say goodbye to my IPs again, but we knew it would be a quick 5 weeks or so before we'd be seeing one another again for the birth.

So, that's my baby shower update...hope I didn't bore y'all to much. Just felt a bit chatty, I guess, LOL.

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