Wednesday, January 25, 2006

Second 4D ultrasound

I had a ultrasound today (32wks) - originally scheduled just for fun...wanted to surprise Taryn w/an early baby shower gift of her son's development thus far. First I went to my twin sister, Angie's Dr apt with her and met her OB (he's awesome - but I hated the office in Edmond - but that won't matter). Then Ang and her youngest DD met me at my peri's office for the scan this afternoon.

I was also hoping to get reassurance that this little man wasn't breech.
Turns out he is fully lodged where he belongs (in my pelvis - head down), just as all the others have been - good boy!

But, unfortunately we weren't able to get any good pics for T&J because he was so well behaved. :( The only face pic the tech managed was extremely blurry when he turned just a tad (looked as though he was resting his head on a pillow in there, LOL).

Anyway, all is well w/baby, placenta, fluid, and cervix...and Baby D weighs in at approx. 4lbs 8oz and measures another couple days ahead (as he always has). I go back in 4 wks or so to get another weight measurement since it will help us get a better gauge on when he should be induced...likely we'll be sticking with our March 10th date...we'll see.

I've got a OB appointment tomorrow and then Friday morning I fly up to Delaware to attend Taryn's baby shower on Saturday afternoon. :) Can't wait...I think they are expecting 70+ in attendance...I can't wait to see everyone again. I'll be sure to take pics (of course).

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