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Thursday, February 16, 2006

35 wks pregnant already?

Wow...I can't believe I'm already in my 35th week of pregnancy. Taryn wrote me an email (as she does most mornings) saying we only have 21 days to go until the induction we have set for March 10th. I thought that was pretty cool to know within a month I'll be saying hello (and goodbye) to my 4th little surro baby!

Lots has happened since the baby shower. For one, Baby D finally has a name - Kyen! (pronounced like, ki-e-n (similar to cayenne, the pepper), but more emphasis on "en" - not "an"). Taryn and JD had to book their flights to Oklahoma and the baby's return flight, so they decided on a name. They're still not 100% on a middle name, but I've heard it might still be Spencer (a family name - from his Dad and Granddad's names).

Secondly, our pre-birth order (PBO) was given a thumbs up by an Oklahoma judge last week! It's the interim order for the hospital to list my IPs names on the birth certificate once their son is born. This is excellent news since I've yet to be a part of such legal steps in this state. My former couple chose to do step-parent adoptions for their children (take my name off the birth certificate and have their mom's name added)...which shouldn't have to be done! But, it was the tried and true way at the time and that's what we did. Now, it seems getting these PBOs is becoming the norm with surrogacy legwork in Oklahoma...and I'm so excited about that! Now, all we have to face legally, is the hospital honoring the order. We'll keep ya updated.

Anyway, back to planning for Kyen's arrival, Taryn and her Aunt Suzanne have made their arrangements to fly to Oklahoma on Friday - March 3rd (one week before the induction). And JD, Uncle Bob, and Tar's Dad - Jerry, plan to fly out on Tuesday March 7th. The Marriott across the street from the hospital that I'll give birth at has been booked for all of them to stay too. So, we'll find out how well we planned in a few weeks and if this baby decides to wait until his induction date. I have a feeling he'll come by Monday the 6th when I turn 38 wks, but we'll see.

My 2 year old has really taken a liking to my large belly over the last month or so (I need to take a belly pic - will do that soon, I promise). He kisses it, pats it, and it seems to soothe him as he's constantly pulling up my shirt to rub on it (even as I walk around the house, etc). It's the funniest thing and sorta nice...I'll miss that. So, even though I'm not bonding with the baby inside me, I am able to bond even stronger w/my own son. :)

I was getting a little worried that I wasn't having enough contractions like I've had with all my other pregnancies (or I'm just not noticing them as much - might be due to chasing my little one around). But, this evening it seemed they wanted to pick up in frequency a bit...I'm so glad, 'cause I worry my 'ol uterus will give out on me since I've had such an easy time this pregnancy (no need for bedrest or medications - hurray!)

I've been wearing an ace bandage around the top of my belly for the past couple months too...especially at night. It really seems to help me sleep better and get some relief from my sore rib area since this little/big guy seems to enjoy pushing his fanny up and around the top of my uterus. I was telling Tar that I hope he drops soon, but then that comes with a whole other set of aches and pains - but at least those are pregnancy ailments that make me feel more hopeful that an end is near. ;)

I've got another OB appointment next Wed (36wks) where I'll get my first internal check (ya! I'm think'n I'll be at least 20% effaced and 1-2cm by then - we'll see) as well as tested for group b strep, even though my OB plans to have me treated at delivery anyway since I have tested + with my surro son, Cole's pregnancy. Then Thursday, I've got my last 4D ultrasound (growth scan) scheduled. I'll post more after those appointments.