Tuesday, April 19, 2005

Why Another?

I'm asked often, "Why did you decide to become a surrogate again for another couple?" My answer is simply, "Because I'm able and willing to help create another family, so why not?" Plus, my desire to be a part of another miraculous birth through surrogacy is just to addictive a feeling to deny.

Surrogacy is a very fulfilling endeavor and I'm very excited to take this step of helping yet another couple create life. Noel and I are finished having children of our own and I'm healthy, conceive remarkably easy, and I have the desire to continue giving back to society in this way.

My former IPs - Stacey and Anthony, gave me their blessing after I had previously helped to match them with another surrogate - I was unable to cycle for them again when they were trying with their last frozen embryos. I was breastfeeding and not quite ready to move forward with a cycle on their time frame. Their final two attempts failed, so they say they are now done TTC anymore children. Already they are blessed with the three they have via surrogacy (with my help). I'm eager to share with them in my news of this surrogacy and they continue to keep in touch.

My family is remarkable and couldn't be more supportive of my efforts to be a surrogate again. Of course, my twin sister - Angie, is also an experienced surrogate (following in my footsteps) and currently trying to help her former IPs with a sibling for her surro daughter. My sister has moved back to Oklahoma from Wisconsin and very much involved in helping me fulfill this next surrogacy journey (as is my younger sister, Jenny, and the rest of my extended family). I'm excited to be able to share with them in the joys and possible disappointments that surrogacy can bring.

I've decided to document what I can of this surrogacy, in case it is my last. I'm extremely blessed to have this opportunity to help another couple and even more so to have the ability to make more memories as a surrogate.

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